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About the Teacher
Thank a teacher today
Give your Teacher an apple
As lições vêm e vão
Rebranding Teachers
Teacher Appreciation Week
An Apple a Day...
If I weren't a Teacher...
What Teachers make...
World Teachers Day
Learning is for life
A very special week in the US
Rainbows in the clouds
Bill Gates talks about teachers
When the going gets tough...
Inspiring Teacher(s)
The Great Teacher
Happy Teachers' Day
Sorry! You have failed!
Passion-based leaning
The best teachers...

About / To Teachers, Students and Schoolmates
Think... before complaining!
What do teachers need?
Laugh more... stress Less
I didn't do it
Homework Assignments that Work
'Keep Calm and Carry On' Contest
And the winner is...
The exams season is about to begin...
Last day of school
The iphone experience
Banning mobile phones
Who needs Teachers?
I'm sorry
Are you ready?
Back to school
Keep calm and...
Are you making these mistakes in class?
Brush up your English
One difficult question
"Wanna" "Gonna" "Ain't"
Internet slang
St. Valentine's Day is (not) over
To all my students...
Laughing matters
A laugh is...
How to do research work
Bad grammar vs Vandalism
Time to say good-bye...
Rainy days are back
Stupid lasts forever
We must learn to read
You can be the greatest
World War Z
About bullying
Let's go to the cinema!
Follow me
End of the Summer Break
The Future Starts Now
The World Peace Game
Let's get started...
Back to school around the world
Back to school ice-breakers
Authentic assessments
Multiple Intelligences
How do we learn?
What most schools don't teach
The dark side of Education
Giving them a purpose
Anti-Bullying Week
Will you teach me?
Schoolyard bullying in the workplace
What are you thankful for?
Happy 2014
The holidays season is over
National Hugging Day
Bullying is everywhere
Why I hate school...
That time of the year
Advertising is...
Assessment meetings week
Happy Easter
The 28th APPI Conference
Shut up and Sit down
A very special letter
Time to say good-bye

About the English language, ELT/ELL tips and web 2.0 tools
Dangerous minds
The smallest computer in the world
Prezi, if you please...
I love English
Tongue Twisters
Xmas last minute resources
American slang
Using films in class
'Finished' or complete?
Tongue twisters - part II
Look at me
Internet safety
iCat and prezi
The British accent
Do you speak English?
'Mind full' or 'mindful'?
Ad of the Day
Don't shoot!!!
Scooping ELT
The Autumn Season Teacher Guide
TTT - Teaching Talking Time
European Day of Languages
Eton vs Gangnam Style
Halloween Lesson Ideas
Hallowe'en e-cards & videoclips
ELT resources for Thanksgiving
The history of Christmas trees
ELT resources for Xmas
ELT resources for Xmas, part II
Tips on oral presentations
Conversation activities
End of the term resources
2012 nineteen craziest words
'Do' or 'Make'?
"Wanna" "Gonna" "Ain't"
Multimedia English
Cover me
Have you ever been to New York City?
Internet slang
Two BBC videos
How to write English texts
I wish + Past Participle
St. Valentine's Day resources (Thinglink)
Using short films to produce writing
Oscars 2013 - news stories and teaching resources
Vocabulary self-study activities
The Power of Words
ELT resources for Easter
Celebrating Pi Day 3.14
St. Patrick's Day in pictures
Improve your writing
Argumentative writing
Opinion paper
I wish I were...
The history of the English language
Talk like Shakespeare
To be or not to be
10 business idioms using cats and dogs
Enhance your vocabulary
Is texting killing the English Language?
To make and to do
Are you a Star Trek fan?
Science and Poverty
Most common phrasal verbs
Traffic jam
Look forward, not backwards
E.T. phone home
Technology is a tool
Back to School Resources
'ED' at the end of verbs
Usher's ABC song
Enhance your vocabulary
Hallowe'en resources
More Hallowe'en resources
Are two languages better than one?
Bonfire Night - ESL resources
Are you a phubber?
Understanding music in English
20 facts about Hallowe'en
Lesson tips for Thanksgiving
John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013
Forgiveness - a lesson tip
Christmas resources via Thinglink
Words 'invented' by Shakespeare
The history of English in 10 minutes
Using short films in class
Using a '3-2-1' Speaking Activity
Phrasal Verbs by Philochko
Films and short films
Mastering the T sound
Budweiser commercial for Super Bowl
Would this be your dream job?
St. Valentine's Day lesson tips (Thinglink)
45 ways to avoid using the word 'very'
Adjectives with endings in ED or ING
Teaching resources on film literacy
What is a G-check?
What does 24/7 stand for?
Pete, the cat
Nike commercial 2014
Epic Selfie around the world
Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Thanksgiving in the US and UK
Rockfeller Center Xmas tree
UK Christmas Cooking Customs
New Year's Eve Celebrations 2013
NYC New Year's Eve Wishing Wall & Ball Drop
About the Super Bowl
Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day
Mothering Sunday
St. Patrick's Day in pictures
The origins of April Fool's Day 
Cheese rolling race
It's Hallowe'en!!!
Essential Thanksgiving
Black Friday and the Presidential Thanksgiving Pardon
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2013
Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree lighting
Groundhog Day
It's Shrove Tuesday
Happy St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day 2014

About World Events, Celebrations & Curiosities
60 years of the Queen's reign
Her Majesty and the Super Bowl
2012 the end of days
The mystery of Stonehenge
The monster of Loch Ness
And the Oscar goes to...
Keep calm and carry on
International Women's Day - IWD
Thank you, Google
Spring and the Holi Festival
A wall that plays music
Titanic... 100 years later
Rumour has it...
William and Kate's 1st wedding anniversary
London is getting ready
The life of Queen Elizabeth II in photos
Diamond Jubilee is two days ahead
The Queen's Coronation
The longest ruling Queen
Scooping the Diamond Jubilee
Another Queen that rules...
Summer Solstice @Stonehenge
Prince William turns 30
Summer Solstice & The Royal Ascot in news
Friday fact
The Big Apple
The Brits vs The Yankees
The British weather and St Swithin's Day
London's new skyline and landmarks
London 2012 Olympic Games
The Opening Ceremony
London burst in pride
The Olympic Games Closing Ceremony
The Paralympic Games
Neil Armstrong and the Blue Moon
Neil and Lance Armstrong
Curiosity landed on Mars
Never forget...
Yes He Can
Why the UK would have voted on Obama
The best is Yet to come
Diwali - The Festival of Lights
An announced royal baby
Ice skating in London
The winter solstice & Doomsday 
Top ten commonly broken New Year's Resolutions
This week's birthdays in the UK
This week in the UK
This and last week in the US
Control the rain
This weekend in the US
The Chinese Year of the Snake
Brit Awards 2013
International Women's Day 2013
Spring's just arrived
Farewell, Iron Lady
One Direction @Madame Tussauds
Winston Churchil on a £5 note
60 years of Queen Elizabeth II coronation
Summer solstice & the Super Moon
We won't forget
Fear of number 13
European Day of Languages 2013
International Music Day
Tim Burton's Xmas Greetings
Friday 13th...
2013 Person and International Word of the Year
2013 in review
London in 1927 & 2013
A map of the UK
The most retweeted selfie ever
It's Pi Day!
Spring 2014 & International Day of Happiness

About Humanitarian causes, Environmental issues
It's a Girl
Red Nose Day
Global warming, please!...
We are silent
Earth Day 2013
Bono @TED
Protest songs
About Environmental Hazards
Take aim at climate change
#Global selfie for Earth Day
Global WarNing
Public awareness
Images of our beautiful world

About Books, Writers & Reading
World Book Day
The joy of books
The fantastic flying books
Shakespeare and World Book & CopyRight Day
Who was Dr. Seuss?
Become Someone Else
Ernest Hemingway
Roald Dahl
A quote by Oscar Wilde
Sea Poetry for Teens
World Book Day (UK & Ireland)
National Shakespeare Day
Where's Wally (or Waldo)?
J. K. Rowling
Books vs Playstation
The importance of fairy tales
Reading is dangerous
Story coaster
National Reading Day
Helping children with reading
Strategies for close reading
Books vs Technology
World Book and Copyright Day 2014

About Inspirational people and motivational quotes/videos
11 rules you will never learn at school
Inspirational thought
Dr. Seuss - inspirational quotes
Impossible is nothing
If today were the last day of my life...
Steve Jobs's infographic
Paul David Hewson's anniversary
Tanzanian Proverb
Three men and a dream
A peculiar brain and hairstyle...
The Founder of the Modern Olympics
Michael Phelps's last Olympic Games
Danny Boyle tweeted 'Proud to be British'
I'm back... to the Olympic Games
Team Great Britain by Sir Chris Hoy
A reluctant American hero
Amazing athletes
Look up at the stars
Remembering Steve Jobs
Yes, He Can
Person of the Year 2012
A quote by Dr. Seuss
The Power of Words
Where's Wally (or Waldo)?
Impatient Optimists
Your time is limited...
Look forward, not backwards
My choice
Silence is golden
A quote by Edmund Lee
Good thoughts
A poet is...
John Lennon...
John Lennon's assignment
Make a difference!
About Generosity and Giving Back
Lessons from Nelson Mandela
Are you willing to learn?
Ordinary love -U2
# MLK Day
What makes you come alive?
Your dreams are valid
Be creative, work hard and do something special
Ashton Kutcher Speech
If I should have a daughter...

About PineTree School and PineTree events
Happy Valentine's Day
St. Valentine's Day @Animoto
Sailing the Sea
Sea Poetry for Teens
I wish I was a Fisherman
'Semana da Leitura' in pictures
Colour Week 2013 @PineTree
End of the School Year Lunch
São Martinho 2013
2013 Xmas dinner @PineTree
Happy Valentine's Day!
A look on St. Valentine's Day
'Semana da Leitura' 2014
The First Colour Run @PineTree 
Teachers vs Students
Up the river, we go
Pinheiro no Douro
Just a year out... hopefully

About Having a Laugh
Enjoy your weekend
Monday therapy
Word of the day
Math is simple
Dear Math, part II
Stonehenge in cartoons
Nessie - 'cute' or 'terrifying' monster?
Libraries and blondes
Just kidding or simply joking?
Monday therapy, part II
Dad joined FB...
Did you do the HW?
Dog Math
Funny prank calls
The old and the new
Mr. Atwadder's math tests
Tough question
Today's agenda
Hackers, beware!
Smart kid
This month is MINE
Xmas wishlist
Tests correction season
Countdown to Doomsday
Oppa Santa Style
My New Year's Resolution
Too many passwords?
Global warming, please!...
Oh, Romeo, Romeo
Don't waste your day
Time for a laugh
Test correction season... AGAIN
iPad vs Paper
Stop reading!!!
Read, please!
Can you relate?
Not my cookies
Thanksgiving is aound the corner
Saint Peter & Nelson Mandela
Three Wise Women
Robbie Williams tries to sing White Christmas
Poor Santa...
Frosty's nose
Joy to the world
Math & The Alphabet
Are you a typochondriac?
Oh, those Romans...
Best classroom April Fools ever
You're in trouble!
Grammar Nazi
Punctuation matters
Vintage iPad
A sign of times...

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  3. Hello, Joaquim. It's nice to hearing from you!... Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you like my blog. I hope it is of worth value for you. Feel free to comment or use any of the information I post, whenever you like.