Friday, March 07, 2014

The most retweeted selfie ever

I couldn't finish this series of posts about the 2014 Oscars, without mentioning that hilarious and unique moment when Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie with some of the celebrities at the Academy Awards Ceremony. It was a very informal and funny moment, rather unusual in that kind of ceremony that made  me love watching it live more than ever. Yep! I was one of those that stayed up until dawn, 5 a.m., Western European time, to watch the whole show live! And one of the techies that immediately retweeted the selfie, as Ellen challenged the audience to make it the most retweeted image ever! And WE did it! The photo was retweeted more than 2.5 million times within a matter of hours - a record, surpassing the one held by President Barack Obama's photo, embracing the First Lady when he won the American Presidential elections for the second time.

The picture was taken by Bradley Cooper, star of American Hustle,
not by DeGeneres herself, and was posted the@TheEllenShow Twitter account,
which the audience at home could  immediately see on their phones,
or the tablet computers on their laps.
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