Monday, March 31, 2014

March in review

March was a great month for Teaching@PineTree. We've had international celebrations, school events, the Oscars, inspirational moments, fun cartoons and ELT suggestions. We've started the month with the Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day, Pi-Day, St. Patrick's Day, the arrival of spring and Happiness Day. At our school, we've had the first ever Color Run and the 'Semana da Leitura', with reading activities and theatre plays. 
March was also the month of the Oscars. We've suggested teaching resources on film literacy, two inspirational moments by two of this year's awarded actors, Your dreams are valid and Be creative, work hard and do something special. To finish the topic 2014 Oscars, The most retweeted selfie ever.
The English language was not forgotten: What is a G-check? and What does 24/7 stand for?. And neither were the younger students, with this delicious 'Pete, the cat'. And because laughing is the best therapy, Are you a typochondriac? and Oh, those Romans.
March has its less pleasant side, as well: it's the month for marking endless piles of tests and the scheduled oral assessments - That time of the year! But it is also a month in which students surprise us with beautiful moments of English fluency: Advertising is.... Last, but not least, two moments to make you think: Why I hate school and Reading is...

Dancing zumba at the First Color Run at PineTree
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