Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Using short films in class

I've just used this short film in class, and I can assure you the effectiveness of this resource. I wish I could have photographed my students' facial expressions: from astonishment to fear, unbelief to surprise, even some suspicion, it was, undoubtely, a fantastic moment of pure concentration! 
'Lovefield', by Mathieu Ratthe, is one of the resources presented in the textbook we've chosen to work with our 10th form students. Xplore, the textbook from Porto Editora, presents both pre-viewing, while viewing and post-viewing activitivies, which I found very effective. Students got totally involved in the suspense atmosphere, trying to predict what the plot was all about by firstly watching four minutes of the film. With the vocabulary given in the pre-viewing activity, students managed to talk about what they saw, what they thought was going to happen, the sound effects and their possible meanings. Then, they watched the two last minutes of the film, and were blown away by its unexpected ending! As a final task, students were asked to write about the plot, their feelings before, while and after watching the film. I shall post some of their texts in the upcoming posts.

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