Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'Lovefield' writing activity

Following-up the post about the short film 'Lovefield', I now present you a text written by one of the groups. Students were asked to image they were journalists that had written an article about this unusual birth. 'A fairly odd birth' was the title chosen.

'Today we bring you a very interesting unusual story. 
Yesterday, at around 3 p.m., a woman, whose name is yet to be revealed, gave birth to a boy in a wheat field, in the state of Mississippi. 
The mother was driving herself to the hospital because the contractions had already begun, but was unable to keep driving due to the pain she was feeling. So she was forced to stop by a wheat field, which was apparently desert, and tried to call for help.
The ambulance didn't arrive in time and everything seemed to be lost when John Peters, owner of the field, found the mother lying on the ground. 'I saw a crow. It looked agitated. Thought it had found a dead animal or something, so I went to check on it.' Peter stated: 'When I saw her (the woman) I couldn't stop to think over. She said: 'The baby' and I just knew what I had to do.' The farmer assisted with the delivery and, thanks to him, both mother and child are safe and sound. It's a strange story. Imagine a crow, a symbol of death, leading to a new life! 'I'm happy I could help.', John Peter added. He is now the godfather of the little boy. 
We're all immensely happy for the mother and the baby, and we definitely won't forget this fairly odd birth.'
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