Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 in review

T@PT has reached 99,000 pageviews this month, which is quite amazing!
We've started a new section at the upper central bar dedicated to film and short film suggestions you might like to use in class. In fact, that topic has deserved three posts: Using short films in class, 'Lovefield' writing activity and Films and short films. The English language was not forgotten this month: Words invented by Shakespeare, The history of English in 10 minutes, Phrasal Verbs by Philochko and Mastering the T sound. The topic of Education was also approached: The holidays season is over, Are you willing to learn? and Helping children with readingUsing a 3-2-1 Speaking Activity was a very interesting ELT suggestion by Edutopia. A song and a cartoon to relax: Ordinary love - U2 and Math & the Alphabet. This month has celebrated three venues: #MLK Day, National Hugging Day and National Reading Day. And because T@PT loves London and the UK, a fantastic video and a visual map, London in 1927 & 2013 and A map of the UK. Last, but not least, the wonderful commercial by Budweiser for the Superbowl, which will take place next Sunday, February 2nd: Budweiser commercial for Super Bowl. If you haven't seen this commercial at least more than five times, you haven't seen it enough! That is why I'm posting it again, in case you've missed this beautiful story about friendship:

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