Monday, December 02, 2013

About Generosity and Giving back

Following-up the spirit of Thanksgiving, here follows a selection of ten videos entitled 'Random Acts of Kindness and Generosity. Amy Erin Borovoy, a contributor for Edutopia, wrote: 'Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for reflecting on the things you're grateful for, and it's a known fact that practicing gratitude is a valuable tool for building character. Some say the other key to the pursuit of happiness is gratitude's counterpart, generosity. So I thought I'd kick off the season of giving by shining a little spotlight on simple acts of kindness that can have a huge impact: I've gathered ten videos about people giving back, paying it forward, and helping others -- to inspire us all to do the same this holiday season and all year long.' (In Edutopia, November 22, 2013)
You can either watch the video playlist HERE, or view it on YouTube. The following is a random example of the selected videos.

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