Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hallowe'en resources

Free ESL Topics Printables
It's a couple of days until Halloween. If you are looking for some topical activities for your students, you might like to check out these comprehensive collection of Halloween lessons (suitable for all levels) at ESOL COURSES. I particularly like the section Hallowe'en songs for adults and kids. I'm pretty sure I'll use This is Hallowe'en, by Marylin Manson - Prepositions gap fill in one of my classes, as well as The History of Hallowe'en - Questions Worksheet (listening activity).

ESLTopics.com helps you making teaching fun with its free and easy-to-use printable handouts. Scroll down the 'Lesson Plans' folder and download a 2 to 3 hour lesson (8 activity pages + Answer Key). It's a free, printable-quality PDF file.

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