Monday, October 28, 2013

Demons inside you

I initiate this week with another post from my anonymous student at The Students' Corner. The theme relates somehow to Hallowe'en, this week's main topic, as my fellow student writes about the demons that hunt his/her soul. I hope that writing relieves him/her from those devilish creatures so that his/her mind may open to much happier feelings and sensations!  

'When we are kids, we are afraid of ghosts and demons. We do anything to stop them from  catching us. But when we grow up, when we start living, we understand that demos don’t live in the dark or under our bed, they live inside us… 
There are a lot of demons inside us. They attack us, they consume our soul, they destroy us.  But you have always a light that keeps demons away from your heart, your soul. That light makes you feel like you can do anything, go everywhere without losing your mind.
But all the lights end up shutting down and the demons start conquering more space within you. Then, you don’t live; you survive. They conquer your soul and make you feel like there’s no reason to live anymore. You don’t feel happiness in anything you do. They make you do things that you don’t need to do. You lose control, you just want to disappear… And the saddest thing is you can’t drown your demons, they know how to swim…
Nonetheless keep that light up and very high to illuminate your whole world if you want to live instead of just surviving.'

photo credit: Hani Amir via photopin cc</
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