Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Power of Words

A beautiful text by Christina Franken entitled 'How Good Are You With Words?' for Urban Times.

"Words are powerful means to bring your point across, to convince people by clearing every last bit of doubt or simply inspire others. The effect of using the right words may indeed change your life one day.

This video is already two years old, and was initially part of a viral marketing campaign for the book ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World‘ by Andrea Gardner. Andrea is a passionate life coach and runs self-development workshops in the UK. What I instantly liked how the topic was introduced – how the viral brings the point across: it triggers an emotional response in combination with an extra catchy example of the power of words. Watch it yourself to understand why 102 000 people liked this Youtube video." (abridged)

Lesson Tip:
Needless to say that I suggest using this inspirational video in class. I would first make the students listen to the video, without watching it, so as to see if they could guess the context, by identifying the sound of the footsteps, dropping the coins... A little bit hard, but not unattainable. Then I would show the video until the lady with the sunglasses appears and stop it when she approaches the blind man to re-write his message. I would stop the video one more time, when he asks her what she wrote and let the students try to guess themselves. I think this video is worth showing. Not only the words in it are powerful. So are the music and the images!

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