Friday, January 18, 2013

This week in the UK

No Trousers on the Tube Day
Photos of London
What better way to show your love for the tube and to celebrate its 150th year than with a naked salute. January 13th saw the 4th return of one of our favourite adopted annual holidays – No Trousers on the Tube Day, an English version of New York’s long-established No Pants Subway Ride. Many Londoners braved the cold and bared their chilly legs while travelling around on the Underground, while others secretly took Instagram pictures. If you weren’t lucky enough to spot one of the bold souls, HERE are some of the highlights… Source: The Time Out London Blog (abridged)

Heavy snowfall across the UK

Shaun Curry, AFP/Getty Images
Parts of Britain were blanketed with up to seven inches of snow sunday night (Jan. 12th) - and with temperatures plummeting, there were fears that roads and rail lines could be plunged into chaos. Last night one train company, Greater Anglia, was branded a ‘national embarrassment’ after cancelling 24 trains even though less than an inch of snow had fallen. In London, The Houses of Parliament were enveloped in heavy snow. Some parts of the capital were blanketed with more than 5 inches of snow. Source: and TIME (abridged)

British Museum's anniversary (1759)
A museum of the world, for the world. Discover over two million years of human history and culture. Some of the world-famous objects include the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies. Over 200 years ago on January 15th, the British Museum opened its doors to ‘all studious and curious Persons’. Celebrate this remarkable date with our range of Museum-inspired products. Source: British Museum

Photo credits: PA
Kate Moss's birthday 
Kate Moss, the British top model, turned 39, January 16th. She defies categorisation. No one can imagine a model universe without her, regardless of her age (there used to be an age limit for models but her career is anything but slowing down). And she continues to diversify. In 2007 her perfume, Kate, launched, as well her clothing range for TopShop. At the Olympics Closing Ceremony, which celebrated 50 years of British music - but also gave a huge nod to British fashion, Kate Moss led a glamorous catwalk show of glittering gold. 
Source: Vogue and MyDaily (abridged and adapted)  

Golden Globe Awards
Photo credits: Reuters
Even though the ceremony takes place in Los Angeles, US, (the title of this post relates to UK events) Adele and Daniel Day-Lewis were two of the British singer and actor who have taken home trophees. Adele won the Golden Globe for best original song for theme to James Bond film Skyfall'It's absolutely amazing, it's very surreal and quite hilarious because this is not my normal field. My inspiration normally comes from heartbreak but I don't think I'm going to be devastated again.' Daniel Day-Lewis scored another British success with a win for best actor in Steven Spielber's Lincoln. Lewis said: 'I'd like to dedicate this to my mum, looking down on me bursting with pride telling everyone around her how well her son is doing in acting.' Source: (abridged)

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