Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Rebranding teachers

A campaign that aims to rebrand teachers...

Studio 360 and its design teams were commissioned to address a unique design challenge. Recently they reached out to Brooklyn-based design firm, Hyperakt, to rebrand the concept of teaching. Education is the key to human progress, therefore teaching is among the most important professions for humanity. Our new visual vocabulary should capture the excitement and magic of activating the potential that is innate in every student. It should celebrate the process of developing ideas, reflect the collaborative nature of teaching and pay homage to existing visual tools used in teaching.


Connecting the dots: visual maps, like teachers, help learners brainstorm ideas, reveal relationships, explain processes, tell stories and much more. 

Found both text and pictures at:
  Rebranding teachers (abridged and adapted)

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  1. De vez em quando as marcas comerciais fazem um restyling dos seus objectos. Não me considerando um objecto, gostava que chegasse algumas pessoas que ultimamente fizeram questão de denegrir a nossa imagem!
    Um belo post, Céu!

  2. Longe vai a imagem do "Mestre" respeitado, embora, desde sempre, mal pago...
    Foi-se o respeito, mas tem-se mantido o baixo salário... para o desempenho de múltiplas funções, entre as quais a de educador e professor; a qual tem sido seriamente afetada em prol das responsabilidades acrescidas que nos têm sido distribuídas através desse "multitasking".

  3. Excellent post, Céu! Rising curiosity and adaptability are definitely key-concepts in the future of teaching. To be real cyber-citizens, students'll have to communicate, engage, discover: by themselves... teachers will still be around, but their role has changed forever!

  4. This post is dedicated to all the teachers that love their job, no matter what!... You are among them!... Thanks for your comments!... They are never too much!...

  5. A remarkable campaign... that I Knew because you do want to make it different and better! Thanks for believing and sharing... always rebranding!!!

  6. Thank you, Milky!... It's great having you here!... ;)