Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'Mind full' or 'mindful'?

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'Mindful' - adjective which means 'attentive', 'aware', or 'careful' 
'Mind full' - the intellect, brain activity with lots of thoughts, ideas, worries, whatsoever...
Whenever you don't know, or don't quite understand, the meaning of any word or expression, I suggest consulting either two of my favourite online dictionaries: the dictionary.com, or the macmillan dictionary. Whenever online, you should always use monolingual dictionaries, which also have the translation option, so that you have no doubts about the clear meaning of the word or expression. If you only use online language translation services, which support several languages, and instantly translate text and webpages, you may end up with meaningless translations, which might be funny, I admit, but  they won't help you improve your vocabulary skills. So... having said this, are you 'mindful' or do you have your 'mind full'?

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