Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fools & Google

April Fools' Day happens on the first day of April, but do you know why we play tricks, gags and practical jokes on one another? 

In the 16th century, France celebrated the New Year just like we do today, except they partied on April 1st. In 1562, Pope Gregory changed the calendar to the one we use today and from then on, the New Year began on January 1st. Lots of people didn't know about the new calendar, or they ignored the new calendar and kept celebrating on April 1st. Everyone else called them April fools and played tricks on them.

Fools Around the World
In France today, April 1st is called Poisson d'Avril, which means April Fish. Children tape paper fish to their friends' backs and when the young 'fool' finds out, the prankster yells 'Poisson d'Avril'. In England, tricks can only be played in the morning. If a trick is played on you, you are a 'noodle'. In Scotland, you are called an 'April gow', which is another name for a cuckoo bird. In Portugal, April Fools' is best known as 'Dia das Mentiras'.

Practical Jokes on April Fool's Day
April Fools' practical jokes should be done in good fun and not meant to harm anyone. The best jokes are the clever ones where everyone laughs, especially the person who had the joke played on them.
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@April Fools' Day (adapted)

Google is a great fun of April Fools...

The first Google April Fools's joke dates back 2000. Last year, Google April Fools' joke was about Gmail Motion '(...)which was a new way to communicate. The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology? Introducing Gmail Motion — now you can control Gmail with your body.'

Rumour has it, this year's Google doodle will be something like this...

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