Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring and the Holi Festival

Spring Season
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This season arrives during different parts of the year in the North and South of the world. Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is called Boreal Spring. It begins on March 20th and ends on June 21st. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is called Austral Spring. It begins on September 23rd and ends on December 21st. Spring enriches natural beauty and it seems as if nature is dressed in a beautiful green gown. 
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The beauty of Spring Season

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The spring is when the Earth comes back to life after a long cold winter, and it is in the spring when the first flowers begin to bloom and the green world begins to return after its winter slumber. The power of spring and its regenerative effects are evidenced by the fact that every major religion includes a major holiday in the spring season. From Passover to Easter, it seems that every culture marks spring with a celebration of renewal and new life. 
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Holi - the Festival of Colors

Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. People in India and other countries with large Hindu populations celebrate Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is celebrated as a welcoming of Spring, and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. What that translates to in action is an enthusiastic dropping of inhibitions, as people chase each other and playfully splash colorful paint, powder and water on each other. People also attend bonfires to commemorate the story of Prahlada, a Hindu figure and devout follower of Lord Vishnu who prevailed over his father and the demoness Holika with the power of his devotion. Go to The Boston Globe to see this news story in photographs.

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  1. Holi Festival is indeed one of the most festive occasion in India. That's seen on every Holi picture I see as I blog hop for holi festival. This year, I would like to send my warmest holi greetings to all and to all of my friends and loved ones. I hope you all enjoy the Holi!

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