Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Students' captions for SID pictures

Students were asked to write captions for the picture below. They worked in small groups and here is the result!...  Even though this activity was not a contest, I asked them which caption(s) they preferred.

                        image credits: The Daring Librarian via photopin cc
The 1st and the last ones were the most voted by the class. They were also my favourite... These captions were written by 10th form students:

Keep your life safe!... Defend your privacy!...
You are better alone than with people you don't know!
You think you are looking for someone, don't you? Stop!... It's not safe!...
Be safe, don't talk to strangers!... They are dangerous!
Keep your life safe!... Defend your privacy!...
So you think you are safe on the Internet... THINK right and say STOP! 
Don't get into dangerous situations!... Appearances are mischievious!
Internet is dangerous, so be careful! You don't know everything about it!
Don't want to fall in a hole. Stop, watch and learn! Go for internet safety!

The following captions were written by 11th form students divided in groups of 4/5 students. The last two were the most voted!...
Don't go into anonymous ways on the web!... Yoooh!... Take care!
Say STOP and open your eyes to the world out there!...
Stop before it's too late!
Stop now! Once you're there, it's too late!
Stop to Report!
Safety... Tension... Operation... Protection... REPORT ABUSE!

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