Thursday, February 09, 2012

St. Valentine's Countdown

PineTree School is getting ready for Saint Valentine's Day!...

photo credit: n!ck. via photopin cc

This year, the GR330 teachers have decided to create a web wiki, in which students are asked to write their valentine messages to the one(s) they love and appreciate!... 
Students may either create their own message, or access any quotations page and choose the one they think best fits their purpose!...

'Come live in my heart and pay no rent', by Samuel Lover, is one of my favourite love quotes!...
You can read more @ ILoveYouQuote.

This one is also so cute: 'In school they taught me that
                                      1 hour = 60 minutes
                                      1 min = 60 seconds
                                      But they never told me that
                                      1 second without you = 100 years'  

Let's see how creative, or how in love, our students are!... 

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  1. Excellent photo edition!
    As far as our Students are concerned... they seem to be pretty in love :D But above all, they seem to have dear friends and a special style for English poetry ;)