Friday, February 24, 2012

The Mystery of Stonehenge

Photo credit: Skippi 1234, via flickr
Stonehenge is surely Britain's greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. Its original purpose is unclear to us, but some have speculated that it was a temple made for the worship of ancient eart deities. It has been called an astronomical observatory for marking significant events on the prehistoric calendar. Others claim that it was a sacred site for the burial of high-ranking citizens from the societies of long ago. While we can't say with any degree of certainty what it was for, we can say that it wasn't constructed for any casual purpose. Only something very important to the ancients would have been worth the effort and investment that it took to construct Stonehenge. Read more @Britannia History

Photo credit: Vass, via flickr
The true meaning of this ancient creation has been lost in the mists of time. Was Stonehenge a temple for sun worship? A healing centre? A burial site? Or perhaps a huge calendar? How did our ancestors manage to carry the mighty stones from so far away and then, using only the most primitive tools, build this amazing structure? Surrounded by mystery, Stonehenge never fails to impress. Read more @ English Heritage
For an unforgettable family day out, visit the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge. Located near Salisbury in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, it is a highlight of the South West England. Go to Visitor Information to know more about the location, opening times and tickets!

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  2. Thank you, Mr. Ticman!...
    O 'post' refere essencialmente o mistério que rodeia o aparecimento de Stonehenge e para que servia... Achei muito interessantes os dois sites que disponibilizaram a informação, para além de este ser um tema que sempre me suscitou curiosidade... Assim como outros mistérios que fazem parte da cultura e história britânicas. Sobre esta temática, já tenho outro 'post' em mente!
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