Sunday, November 27, 2011

The F-word

A suggestion for 10th form classes...
Topic: Youth and Education - Helping others

I've used this videoclip as a listening comprehension exercise with no subtitles. In spite of considering the images and the sound powerful, the students, including the strongest ones, found it hard to understand... Well, developing our skills is not necessarily easy, is it?... Being better than one might already be implies hard work, right?
In the end, the students liked the activity and understood its message. For them, the 'F' word has a new meaning!... For me, Bono will continue to be a presence in my lessons, whenever it's adequate!...

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  1. I'm glad you liked it!... The students loved it, nevertheless the difficulties they felt...;)

  2. i just loved the way it tricked me into thinking they were really saying the F* word... and i also loved to see annie lennox :)

  3. That really catches students attention... I mean trying to understand if they really said the forbidden word... As for Annie, great Annie, no matter how oldie she's getting... ;)